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Triathlon scoring is based on how your finishing time compared to the winner of your age group.  Here are the steps to calculate your points:

  1. The times for the overall winners of the event are pushed down into their appropriate age groups (if necessary).  
  2. The winning time (converted into seconds) in an age group is divided by the team members time (converted into seconds).  
  3. The result is multiplied by 100 and rounded down.  


  1. The winner of M30-34 raced 1:01:01 (3661 sec) 
  2. Team member raced 1:31:01 (5401 sec).  The team member would earn 47 points -  (3661/5461) * 100 = 67


Select Your Age Group from the Dropdown Menu
1. Convert times to total Seconds. 2. Winners Time divided by Your Time times 100
If yes, please post a picture of you at the event on our Racing Team Facebook page. We will double your point score.

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