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Appreciate Every Moment

By: Mindi Giftos- Friend of Fleet Feet Sports

Blog post written by Mindi Giftos Madison WIAfter building slowly over the last 12 weeks, I just ran 40+ miles this week. 100% pain free. The last time I could say that was September 2014.

Since that time, I've consulted with 3 doctors, 3 chiros and 4 PTs. I've had 3 MRIs, many hours of PT, one surgical procedure done, one surgical procedure recommended that I declined, and ARPwave therapy. I've had countless starts and stops during the last 2.5 years that have been dejecting and, at times, downright depressing. But I did not give up. Last September, I rebuilt a whole new team of health care providers and they helped me achieve this new beginning. I am so very grateful.

Losing my ability to train was so hard. Regaining it now feels so damn good. If you are able to run - or do whatever your "thing" is - appreciate every moment of it. It is a gift.


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