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Stories are as much a focus what we do here at Fleet Feet as are shoes and other products because they inspire people to take a step out of their comfort zones.   Exchanging stories is how we create relationships, which is the only way to truly connect. Many times we have a customer relate how they started running, the event that they are training for, or their concerns and their successes? Now is the time that we give back in stories of our own.  Our customers want to know what we are doing: the events, the struggles, the triumphs!

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Blog - What are you Bringing to College?

What are you Bringing to College?By: Jack Zweifel, Madison Memorial High School We are sharing this cool running story that won Jack a scho…

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Blog - Dave Browne Ride

Dave Browne Ride by: Matt Anderson, Fleet Feet Sports Dave Browne was a good friend of Andy Boryczka, a friend of ours who we met in our Mad…

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Blog - Black Men Run Madison

Improving the Health of Black Men in Dane County through Running by; Aaron G. Perry BMR Captain As the world’s first African American …

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Blog - Appreciate Every Moment

Appreciate Every Moment By: Mindi Giftos- Friend of Fleet Feet Sports After building slowly over the last 12 weeks, I just ran 40+ miles thi…

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Blog - Love the Run You Are With

Love The Run You Are WithBy: Jessica Anderson We all have those workouts that don't go as planned. We slept well, took all the right nutritio…

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Running Advice From Cooper

Running Advice from Cooper A. It's getting dark out there.  Be sure to follow this great advice from Cooper from Fleet Feet Sports Madis…

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Blog - Running Takes You Far

Running Takes You Far by: Matt Reller, Team Fleet Feet Sports My name is Matt Reller, and when I first followed my wife into Fleet Feet Spor…

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Blog - Customer Profile Julia Zella

Fleet Feet Sports Blog -  Customer Profile Julia Zella At Fleet Feet Sports Madison and Sun Prairie, we like to get to know our customer…

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Blog - The Selfie Boston Marathon 2015

The Selfie Boston Marathon 2015by: Jessica Anderson The Boston Marathon is one of my favorite races. I have been fortunate to run the race fo…

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Blog - Community

Blog Post - Community and Fleet Feet Sports by: Jessica Anderson, Owner Fleet Feet Sports Madison & Sun Prairie I think a lot about comm…

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